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Doctoral Thesis
Full name
Vera Lucia Martins de Carvalho
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
Piracicaba, 1991
Title in Portuguese
Efeitos metabólicos da interação zinco x boro sobre o desenvolvimento do feijoeiro (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Carioca)
Keywords in Portuguese
Abstract in Portuguese
O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o comportamento do feijoeiro frente a interação de vários níveis de Zn e B em solução nutritiva fez-se a avaliação da produção de matéria seca e outros parâmetros de crescimento assim como análise dos minerais, estudo anátomo-histológica e ultraestrutural das plantas verificou-se que o boro aumenta produção de matéria seca mais que o zinco. Ambos afetam a estrutura foliar a nível histológico e ultraestrutural dependendo dos níveis de boro o zinco reduz os teores foliares de P, Ca, Mg, Fe e Mn, elevando o teor de K. Ha redução no teor de P e Fe na raiz em deficiência de zinco assim como de K e S em deficiência de boro o teor foliar do Cu e Fe diminui em carência de boro. O teor foliar de B e influenciado pelo zinco de vice-versa em função do suprimento de cada um dos dois a planta. Conclui-se que o metabolismo do feijoeiro e dependente da interação zinco x boro
Title in English
Metabolics effects of the interaction zinc x boron on growth in the bean plant (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Carioca)
Abstract in English
This work was carried out with goal of evaluating the effect of levels on Zn and B in the nutrient solution on growth and mineral composition of the bean plant. By using a factorial design the effect of treatments on dry matter, height, lead area, specif leaf area, and ratio of leaf area was determined. The several plant parts were analysed for mineral content. Changes in the structure and ultrastructure of the leaves were also studied. B increased total dry matter yield and other growth parameters, the response being dependent upon the Zn level in the substrate. Alterations both in the structure and the ultrastructure were induced by B and Zn. Zinc supply decreased the concentration of P, Ca, Mg, Fe and Mn in the leaves, and raised that of K, the effect being dependent upon the level of B supply. Zn deficiency caused a reduction in root P and Fe, whereas B deficiency led to a decrease in the concentration of K and S. Leaf B was influenced by Zn supply, whereas leaf Zn was affected by the level of B in the nutrient solution. It is therefore concluded that the growth behavior of the plant was influenced by the Zn × B interaction
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