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Master's Dissertation
Full name
Juciléia de Souza Lima
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 2014
Nusdeo, Fabio (President)
Barossi Filho, Milton
Sundfeld, Carlos Ari Vieira
Title in Portuguese
Tributação ótima: estudo jurídico, econômico e financeiro de modelos
Keywords in Portuguese
Direito tributário
Política fiscal
Abstract in Portuguese
A questão da excessiva carga tributária incidente sobre a economia brasileira tem estado no foco das discussões no cenário político e social, e por sua vez, não deixa de ser objeto de pesquisa na área acadêmica, sendo a Teoria da Tributação Ótima, um tema recorrente nos mais diversos cenários, especialmente, entre economistas, juristas e cientistas políticos. A teoria da tributação ótima tem como base teórica, o estudo do delineamento de um sistema tributário ideal (tax design), objetivando a análise de como determinada receita tributária pode ser arrecadada pelo governo ao menor custo para a sociedade, em termos de perda de eficiência. Entretanto, a Teoria da Tributação Ótima apresenta como o seu desafio, a compatibilização entre o critério da eficiência e o da capacidade contributiva, e consciente da importância do tema para a instituição de políticas tributárias, emergimos-nos nesta pesquisa que deu nascimento a presente dissertação.
Title in English
Optimal taxation: law, economics and finance studies of models.
Keywords in English
Fiscal policy
Optimal tax theory
Tax law
Tax policy
Abstract in English
The excessive tax burdens issue incident on the Brazilian economy has been the focus of discussion in the political and social scene, and it is still subject of research in the academic area, being the Optimal Tax Theory, a recurring theme in various scenarios, especially among economists, lawyers and political scientists. The tax authorities represented by the government, undeniably has the need to raise taxes to achieve your social objectives, however, the tax collection activity can lead to distortions in the economy, particularly on the economic decisions of agents, making mister find a better solution to mitigate such undesired effects on the productive economy, through the design of an ideal tax system is emerging - thus the Optimal Tax Theory. The Optimal Tax Theory has as its theoretical basis, the study of the design of an optimal tax system (tax design) , aiming at the analysis of how certain tax revenue can be collected by the government at minimum cost to society, reaching certain distributional goals a lower cost in terms of loss of efficiency. However, the Theory of Taxation Great features as its challenge to reconcile the efficiency criterion and the ability to pay, and we are aware of the economic and political "mainstream" that is the theme symbolizes for imposition of tax policies, we emerge in this study - that gave birth to this thesis.
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