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Master's Dissertation
Full name
Marcel Jacques Simonette
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 2010
Spina, Edison (President)
Barco, Luiz
Giacomini, Renato Camargo
Title in Portuguese
Engenharia de sistemas em sistemas sociotécnicos.
Keywords in Portuguese
Engenharia de requisitos
Engenharia de sistemas
Fatores humanos
Levantamento de requisitos
Pensamento sistêmico
Sistemas sociotécnicos
Abstract in Portuguese
Este trabalho apresenta os métodos consensuais como uma proposta para reduzir as insatisfações das pessoas envolvidas no processo de levantamento de requisitos e respeitar as dimensões humanas e sociais já no inicio do ciclo de vida de um sistema sociotécnico, considerando a aderência desses métodos às demais fases do ciclo de vida.
Title in English
Systems engineering in sociotechnical systems.
Keywords in English
Human factor
Requirement elicitation
Requirement engineering
Sociotechnical systems
System engineering
System thinking
Abstract in English
This text proposes the use of consensual methods to reduce people dissatisfaction in take part of requirement elicitation process and indentify, and respect, the human and social dimensions since the beginning of a sociotechnical system life cycle, evaluating the adhesion of these methods to the other phases of the lifecycle.
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Publishing Date
WARNING: The material described below relates to works resulting from this thesis or dissertation. The contents of these works are the author's responsibility.
  • SIMONETTE, Marcel J., SANCHES, Fabio L.L., and SPINA, Edison. Soft Systems Engineering Tools in Requirements Elicitation. International Journal of Systems Applications, Engineering & Development [online], 2010, vol. 4, n. 3, p. 65-75. [cited 2016-08-15]. Available from : <http://www.universitypress.org.uk/journals/saed/19-234.pdf>
  • SIMONETTE, Marcel, SANCHES, Fabio, and SPINA, Edison. Beyond human factors. In CIT'09 Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Communications and information technology [online], 3, Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece, 2009. Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA : World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), 2009. p. 240-244. ISBN 9604741465. [cited 2012-02-17]. Available from : <http://www.wseas.us/e-library/conferences/2009/vouliagmeni2/CIT/CIT-00.pdf>
  • SIMONETTE, Marcel, and SPINA, Edison. Dealing with the human side. In JARAMILLO, Carlos, et al. Software Engineering : Methods, Modeling and Teaching. Organizador. 1 ed.. Medellin : Sello Editorial - Universidade de Medellin, 2011. chap. 6. p. 69-82.
  • SIMONETTE, Marcel, and SPINA, Edison. The Human Side of Software Development – Teamwork as Sociotechnical Systems. In ZAPATA, Carlos. Software Engineering : Methods, Modeling and Teaching, vol. 2 [CD]. Editor. 2 ed.. Lima : Sello Editorial - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 2012. chap. 3. p. 21-28.
  • SIMONETTE, Marcel, e SPINA, Edison. A System Engineering Approach to e-Infrastructure. In InTech. Systems Engineering : Practice and Theory [online]. Editor. Rijeka, Croacia : InTech, 2012. cap. 13. p. 277-296. [acesso 2012-02-17]. Disponível em : <http://www.intechopen.com/books/systems-engineering-practice-and-theory/a-system-engineering-approach-to-e-infrastructure>
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