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Master's Dissertation
Full name
Ana Rita de Paula
Knowledge Area
Date of Defense
São Paulo, 1993
Mello, Sylvia Leser de (President)
Pereira, Joao Augusto Frayze
Vaisberg, Tania Maria Jose Aiello
Title in Portuguese
Corpo e deficiência: espaços do desejo : reflexões sob(re) a perspectiva feminina
Keywords in Portuguese
Deficientes físicos
Abstract in Portuguese
Busca compreender a inter-relacao dos significados sociais e individuais da deficiencia e, particularmente, da articulacao entre as representacoes sociais de mulher e de deficiente, para alem das visoes estritamente clinicas, organicistas ou funcionais e, mesmo, masculinas. Analisa o conceito de deficiencia nas diversas praticas sociais e em diferentes abordagens psicologicas. Entrevista dois homens e 3 mulheres, entre 25 e 35 anos, de nivel socio-cultural medio e baixo, portadores de deficiencia fisica congenita ou adquirida, coletando suas historias de vida. Verifica que a deficiencia e significada como ruptura da integralidade do corpo, gerando bloqueios no fluxo da propria historia e um distanciamento dos espacos do mundo. Na relacao entre feminilidade e deficiencia, constata a sobredeterminacao de papaeis desvalorizados, contradicoes e mesmo a simultaneidade de sentidos diversos, ate opostos, a nivel da vida intrapsiquica do sujeito. Conclui que o caminho para a realizacao pessoal dos individuos com deficiencia e a ampliacao da capacidade de se auto-representarem de diferentes maneiras em um todo articulado, pelo desvelamento destes sentidos
Title in English
Not informed
Keywords in English
Not infomerd
Abstract in English
Over and above the strictly functional organic and even male views, this work looks for understanding of the disability in the individual and social meaning inter-relationship and mainly the woman and deficient social representations articulation inter-relationship. Thus we conducted analysis on deficiency concept in various social practices and on different psychological approaches. Disabled women and men life histories were selected in order to provide understanding on how disability, sexuality, social conditions and other characteristics are linked among themselves and with the other aspects of these persons' life contexts. From the report of the interviewed we noted that the disability is significative as a rupture of the body integrality generating obstructions in their history flow and a retirement from the world spaces. About possible relations between deficiency and femininity we can asseverate that they depend on the adopted analysis perspectives. So it appears in this work over determination relationship of undervalued social roles contradiction about friendship that are linked to these conditions and even the simultaneity of different senses even antagonistic at these persons intrapsychic life level. We believe that the way for personal realization for handicapped is the enlargement of their capacity of self-representation in different ways within ways an articulated entirety through disclosing these senses
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